Creative recruitment par excellence, for when it absolutely, totally, MUST be right.

Or how about plain old fired?

The modern-day hiring of creative people: everything is on the line. The project is on the line. The client relationship is on the line. Your job is on the line.

No margin for error. No time. Certainly no space to back a hunch. Everyone is afraid.

Don’t be. Be as demanding
as hell, that’s fine. We are.
Be picky, be fussy: all good.
We are going to sort this out.


How are we going to sort
it out?

We have spent nearly two decades gathering and nurturing some of the most talented, innovative and consistently high-performing creative minds in the world of branding and design. Hard work, relentless attention to detail, imagination – an eye for what clicks, on both their part and ours.

We work with 40 of the 50 top agencies and eight of the top ten. We work with the world’s top brands.

Knowing how to find someone who’ll get things spot on for you, time and time again – that’s how we’re going to sort this out. By calling on an elemental force: obsession with quality.


The design industry moves at a relentless pace.

Relax and you’re history. Make a mistake: you’re history. Stand still: you’re gone. So stay ahead. Keep developing. Break new ground. We live and breathe design.

From spotting the next big thing, to inspiring careers, to helping our friends in agencies choose with precision, we bring energy and insight to our work. It’s not just excitement at being involved with what’s coming next. We want what we do to play a role in helping shape what comes next.

That’s right. We want 0.01% of the glory, all for ourselves.


Putting the right people together is our contribution to shaping the future.

It’s an art, even if agency and designer are both top notch. Intuition is not random. It comes through putting in a lot of time and thought to know the kind of work that is being done, how people are, what they need.

We build relationships. We place people where all parties can thrive. We take great pleasure in the success of every single person we represent and every organisation we find designers for.


Some proof of all this?

Many times our clients and designers have discovered that they were, how shall we say, browning a little too rapidly under the grill. Needing someone, or needing a change, they’ve picked up the phone. We’ve found them exactly what they were looking for. Later, they were toasted all the same.

As is only right and proper. One should always raise a glass to a job well done. As for Mustard, we’re more than happy with the odd word of thanks.

Here’s a few, ahem, toastimonials. Cheers!


So. You’re under pressure.

With our blessing, be as nitpicking with your demands as you like.

A) Because we understand, and…
B) Because that’s what we thrive on.

You need an aviation expert middleweight designer with awards in the Himalayan kilmora-scented big-volume deep-shine tremendous-bounce male shampoo category?

Grace under pressure. Roman nose. Dreamy blue eyes, under 5ft tall, vegetarian and fluent in Mandarin? You need them now, like in the car already with the ignition on?

Well, if anyone is going to get them for you, it’s us.

Let’s get together.

T: 020 7720 8085
M: 079 5171 3699

We’re always on the lookout for the best talent. We want people who want to do amazing things, who will rise to the challenge of taking their brands and agencies to the next place, who are going to challenge the norm, bring fresh thinking. Grafters. Confidence. Not confident? Perhaps we can help there, that’s what’s good about this. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we like good people as people.

We have a diverse range of assignments and we also have an incredibly broad community of agencies, which gives us the privilege of being able to manage careers and help with the evolution of creative teams.

We are here to help you shine. We really do care about every last detail, right down to the order of your portfolio for any given assignment. Every placement means the chance to do something special.

Sound like you?

Please send us your portfolio or give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.

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